Put Your Scream Face On

Howler Broth­ers


We’re not a super­sti­tious lot, but today is Fri­day the 13th and we’d be remiss if we did­n’t have a lit­tle fun with that. In hon­or of today’s Howler Broth­ers event, we want to see your best Scream Face. And we don’t mean shock and awe, but down­right ter­ror. Like Ghost­face just appeared in your door­way. Or you just logged into The Clymb and dis­cov­ered that your pro­cras­ti­na­tion led to miss­ing out on the Howler Broth­ers Log­ger­head. Like that.

Share your pho­tos on Insta­gram and tag #The­Clymb and #Howler­Bros so we can see it. We’ll give you till Sun­day 9am EST to get this one done. Be sure to check your Insta­gram com­ments to see if you’re a win­ner and claim your prize.

Tak­en from our dai­ly email fac­toid, Did You Know?: The founders of Howler Broth­ers aren’t broth­ers. And they don’t howl. The name pays trib­ute to the howler mon­keys that kept them up while in Cos­ta Rica on surf trips. After a while, the star­tling howls became a part of the part­ners’ col­lec­tive feel­ing of being in Cen­tral Amer­i­ca and served as a con­stant reminder that they were in a good place, doing some­thing they loved.