Shabby Shoes? Show Us!


Today we kicked off sev­er­al events of kicks: Wom­en’s Every­day Footwear, Men’s Every­day Footwear, and Flip Flops.

While you’re stock­ing up on new footwear, we want to see what’s being replaced. We all have that one pair of shoes, flip flops, or boots that have been put through it. They’ve accom­pa­nied us on many adven­tures and have the bat­tle scars to prove it. Most peo­ple might call them worn and ugly, we call them well-loved.

Show us your most ‘well-loved’ shoes on Insta­gram and we’ll pick a few favorite pics to award Clymb cred­it, which you can then use to buy more footwear. Cir­cle of life, peo­ple. Cir­cle of life.

Tag your pho­tos #The­Clymb and #WellLoved­Kicks so we can judge and then keep your eyes peeled for your win­ning noti­fi­ca­tion on Insta­gram. Con­test ends tomor­row at 3pm Eastern.