The 9 Core Benefits of NobleTek Insulation

Yes­ter­day, we explained Klymit’s NobleTek Insu­la­tion and how it uses noble gas­es instead of down or oth­er syn­thet­ic fibers. Today, we want to share their 9 Core Ben­e­fits of NobleTek Insulation.

- Vari­able Insu­la­tion: Warmth on Demand.

- Warm When Wet: Main­tains ther­mal prop­er­ties when wet and even submerged.

- Dynam­ic Chan­nel Design: Ven­ti­la­tion is enhanced while deflat­ed yet when inflat­ed NobleTek™ cham­bers com­form to your body snug­ly, cap­tur­ing your body heat.

- Wind­proof: Pres­sur­ized cham­bers of argon nev­er col­lapse when inflat­ed and are unmoved by wind.

- Thin­ner: Argon insu­lates up to 3 times bet­ter than “Dead Air”, which oth­er insu­la­tion traps. Warmer and thinner.

- Lighter: Argon is vir­tu­al­ly weight­less. Based on the vol­ume of gas in the vest you can change your insu­la­tion from that of a wind­break­er to a full-on ski par­ka with no change in weight.

- Loft Retain­ing: NobleTek™ will nev­er lose its loft like tra­di­tion­al insu­la­tion will. Just pump and go.

- Safe: Breathe easy, argon is non-tox­ic and non-flam­ma­ble, you have been breath­ing it since the day you were born.

- Eco-Friend­ly: NobleTek™ is the only insu­la­tion you will nev­er see in a landfill.

The Kymit event begins at 9am PST this Wednesday.