We’re Moving on Up

We have some pret­ty excit­ing news to announce, we have a new office! As our com­pa­ny has grown we had to get some big­ger digs and found anoth­er place here in Port­land a few blocks away from our orig­i­nal home.

Nat­ur­al light + Bad pho­tog­ra­phy= odd picture

In cel­e­bra­tion of our new office space we fig­ured we would share our top five rea­sons of why we are so excit­ed to be mov­ing into the new office.

1) The phrase “I had a bur­ri­to for lunch” is no longer met with groans. When you are work­ing in a small office that phrase is the last thing you want to hear.

2) More room to play fetch with our dogs. When the cus­tomer ser­vice depart­ment toss­es a ten­nis ball and it hits a pro­gram­mer in the head it often leads to a ton of missed pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. This isn’t a prob­lem in our new space.

Ruby may or may not be possessed 

3) We can hire more peo­ple… and in fact we have! Our buy­ing team has expand­ed over the last few months in order for us to con­tin­ue to secure prod­uct for the site. Due to their efforts we have increased the num­ber of brand events we have each week. (Did you guys notice?) Addi­tion­al­ly our cus­tomer ser­vice team has dou­bled so we can staff cus­tomer ser­vice over the week­end, that’s right.… You can call us sev­en days a week now!

4) We’ve got a creepy car­go ele­va­tor now. There is noth­ing like the thrill of rid­ing an ele­va­tor that prob­a­bly has­n’t been inspect­ed since 1920.

5) There is a kegera­tor in our new office. This was cause for much cel­e­bra­tion and even some tears by our pro­gram­ming team. We even were giv­en a keg by of Rota­tor X‑114 brewed by Wid­mer.

We want to toast/thank Wid­mer for the beer and for all of our cus­tomers that have helped us in our growth. Thank you all!

The Clymb Team