5 Stoke-Worthy Snowboard Videos for 2014

When you can’t be on the snow, the next best thing is to watch oth­er peo­ple far more tal­ent­ed than your­self absolute­ly crush­ing it in inspir­ing loca­tions near and far. Whether you pre­fer urban street jib­bing or big moun­tain rip­ping, year after year, snow­board­ing’s finest brings you their tal­ent straight to your lap­top or liv­ing room. New crews pop up and com­pete with the big boys, keep­ing the vets on their toes and push­ing the medi­um forward.

These videos are not just about snow­board­ing — they’re about the lifestyle that com­ple­ments it. Trav­el­ing, par­ty­ing, and clown­ing around dur­ing down­time is just anoth­er day at the office with these boys and girls who induce green-faced jeal­ousy to most of us mere mor­tals. But above all else, it gives hope that you can make a liv­ing doing what you love if you work hard and stick to your guns, what­ev­er they may be. 

Here is a brief roundup of some of the best snow­board videos of the 2013–2014 sea­son. Let us know in the com­ments if there are any oth­ers that are worth noting.

This year’s release from Absinthe Films brings a world­wide ros­ter and world­wide venues, all in a “back to basics” approach with 16mm film.  The look is vin­tage. The rid­ing is any­thing but. 

Bur­ton is try­ing a dif­fer­ent approach this year, opt­ing for sev­er­al mini-flicks with a theme.  Here is the first install­ment, called “Back­coun­try”. Check their web­site for the street, women, and resort seg­ments as well!

Jake Blau­velt
One of the top rid­ers of recent mem­o­ry has a full length extrav­a­gan­za view into his life.  “Nat­u­ral­ly ” takes a look behind the glitz and glam­or of an inter­na­tion­al snow­board Pro’s life. Fea­tur­ing appear­ances by heavy­weights such as Ter­je Haakon­sen, this movie will not only enter­tain, but inspire you to just keep hav­ing fun.  Also check out the web series of the same name on jakeblauvelt.com.

Deja Vu
These crazy Que­be­cois are show­ing the world what can be done in the urban jun­gles across the plan­et. Check out their web series of the same name, and the upcom­ing fea­ture-lenth film if rails and wall­rides is what gets you stoked.

Nike has hit the ground run­ning in the fea­ture-length snow­board movie game by this epic 2‑part release enti­tled “Nev­er Not”. While it takes much more than an adver­tise­ment these days to win over peo­ple’s hearts and minds (and wal­lets), if this is the future of con­tent-based mar­ket­ing, I say “Just do it”. Sorry.

The best part is that Part 2 was released online for free!

Those are a few to get you moti­vat­ed.  What are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments!