Alex Honnold Carries Todd Skinner’s Vision

Mon­u­ments are often built as a reminder of the impact of one per­son­’s life. For some though, a mon­u­ment just isn’t enough. Todd Skin­ner, for instance, does­n’t real­ly need any­one to build a mon­u­ment in his hon­or when Alex Hon­nold is risk­ing his life in hon­or of Skin­ner’s legacy.

Hon­nold is attempt­ing to com­plete Skin­ner’s dream of mak­ing a new route up Yosemite’s Lean­ing Tow­er, which is grad­ed a 5.14/5.15. Hon­nold’s respect for Skin­ner has result­ed in his adop­tion of Skin­ner’s vision. Now he begins a jour­ney hop­ing to com­plete the vision for both of them.