Alex Honnold: The Life Of A Real Rock Star

Alex Hon­nold is a rock star worth admir­ing. This video pro­vides an inspi­ra­tional glimpse into how the young climber leads his life, which the pub­lic is grow­ing more and more inter­est­ed in year after year.

His ascen­den­cy into main­stream cul­ture began with the Lar­ry King inter­view on 60 Min­utes in 2011. At the time, his most recent accom­plish­ment was free climb­ing the sheer face of Sen­tinel in Yosemite Nation­al Park. The footage made the nation’s palms sweat, and when con­front­ed with a fig­ure that appar­ent­ly had no fear peo­ple began to ques­tion, “Who is this fear­less rock star?”

This video answers some of those ques­tions. It gives you an inside look into the climber’s life, but it does also feel like an extend­ed ad for fol­low­ing your pas­sion. The video is spon­sored by Dewar’s scotch — a strange­ly main­stream spon­sor for an out­door ath­lete that doesn’t drink. Nonethe­less, it’s still inspir­ing to learn more about a per­son who com­mits their entire life to their passion.

By Tim Gib­bins