Man BASE-Jumps Off Everest

The goal of climb­ing Mt. Ever­est has his­tor­i­cal­ly been to reach the high­est point on earth, but now it’s not the going up that’s mak­ing his­to­ry but the com­ing down. Russ­ian BASE-jumper extra­or­di­naire, Valery Rozov, claimed a world record for the high­est BASE-Jump in his­to­ry this week. He jumped from 23,687 feet on the north side of the great peak.

He trav­eled over 125 mph in his wing­suit over the sheer cliffs and giant glac­i­ers before safe­ly deploy­ing his parachute.

This Red Bull spon­sored stunt is sure to be the first in what is des­tined to become com­mon­place. What goes up must come down, and now the high­est alti­tude jump will be the newest sought after crown on the world’s high­est peak.

Via: Adven­ture Journal