Behind the Scenes of the Best Tree Skiing/Urban Segment of All-Time

You’ve seen tree ski­ing, and you’ve seen urban ski­ing, but have you ever seen them com­bined? Sweet­grass Pro­duc­tion’s lat­est release, Val­hal­la, fea­tures the most epic rain­for­est ski­ing ever made—and here’s how they did it.

It took two years to pro­duce the infa­mous Val­hal­la seg­ment, which fea­tures skiers and snow­board­ers rip­ping through a lush, green for­est with bare­ly a snowflake in sight. You’ll gain a new appre­ci­a­tion for the work that goes into ground-break­ing scenes like this one, which are chang­ing the ski film indus­try as we know it.