Carving Groomers Never Looked So Good

It sounds sim­ple: after all, carv­ing is one of the first skills that every snow­board­er learns. Yet some­how, Bur­ton Snow­boards have made a video cen­tered entire­ly around the art of carving—and it’s actu­al­ly real­ly good.

Of course, it helps that the snow­board­ers fea­tured, Ter­je Haakon­sen and Ben Fer­gu­son, are two of the best rid­ers in the moun­tains right now. We’re used to big moun­tains, big airs, and crazy tricks, so it’s actu­al­ly refresh­ing to bring it back to basics: smooth, on-piste carving.

If you’ve ever been bummed out that con­di­tions lim­it you to a groomer day, watch this video. It’ll remind you that exquis­ite carv­ing can be just as awe­some as a triple cork.