Bizarre, Awesome Video Celebrates Climb of A Lifetime on Silbergeier

When Nina Caprez was just 13 years old, she saw a pic­ture of Pietro dal Pra climb­ing on a sea of lime­stone dur­ing the first ascent of Sil­bergeier. That’s when her love affair began and she promised her­self that by the time she was 25, she too would climb that same route.

Watch this bizarre, beau­ti­ful video as Caprez climbs her way towards the top on non-exis­tent holds with her quirky boyfriend Cedric. She keeps her cool through super-sketchy run-outs and even stops to make the same pose that dal Pra com­mit­ted for his famous pho­to­graph at the 9:00-minute mark. You’ll be left in awe with the superb grace and style that Caprez exudes. Let’s just say the same does­n’t hold true for old Cedric.