Constructive Cycling Rage: A Short Film by Chris Akrigg

If you’ve ever been the vic­tim of cyclist dis­crim­i­na­tion, then you too have felt the desire to chase down the cul­prit and give him a piece of your mind. But for Chris Akrigg, he choos­es to take the high road, literally.

This video fea­tures some incred­i­ble footage of Chris as he vents his frus­tra­tion. From atop hills, in the heart of the city, and even on some ruins from years past, Chris shows what it means to bike with pas­sion. And if that does­n’t spark your inter­est, Chris swaps his bike for what looks like my very first bicy­cle… oh, the nastalgia.

So check out this video for some sick bik­ing footage, or vis­it Chris Akrigg — five on Vimeo for more impres­sive footage.