Extreme-Alpinists-Turned-Male-Models Slackline French Alps in Their Underwear

Paul Smith has been a fash­ion icon for the past 40 years and is best known for cre­at­ing clas­sic Menswear with a touch of the unexpected.

Sebas­t­ian Ros­set-Mon­taz is a French film­mak­er who com­bines the unex­pect­ed worlds of alpine moun­taineer­ing with cir­cus troops in his ground­break­ing and beau­ti­ful extreme films.

Seems only nat­ur­al that the two would pair up to cre­ate this video, in which slack­lin­ers prac­tice their art thou­sands of feet off the ground in the French Alps—all while wear­ing noth­ing but Paul Smith skivvies…..What! Take a look for yourself.