The Followcopter Takes POV Filming to the Next Level

FreeOV — unpole your cam­era from fol­low­copter on Vimeo.

Part hand-held POV cam­era, part drone, the Fol­low­copter could very well change the world of action sports filming.

The con­cept is nov­el, yet sim­ple: the cam­era starts off as your nor­mal hand-held point of view cam­era, which can then be chucked into the air, trans­form­ing into a drone to cap­ture epic, heli­copter-style shots of you as you send it down the moun­tain. Right now, the drone is oper­at­ed man­u­al­ly, but the even­tu­al plans are to have the cam­era fol­low you automatically.

Rid­ers Mike Basich and Nicholas Wolken, along with cam­era­man Cristoph Thore­sen, give us a hint of what the Fol­low­copter will be capa­ble of pro­duc­ing. We think you’ll agree that the results are remarkable.

The Fol­low­copter isn’t avail­able for sale yet—so you’ll have plen­ty of time to bust out the pig­gy bank and start saving.