Function’s Ultralight Snowboard and Ski Carrying System

The Ultra­light Snow­board and Ski Car­ry­ing Sys­tems by Func­tion are undoubt­ed­ly a good idea. They’ve been pos­i­tive­ly reviewed in Out­side mag­a­zine and by Gear­junkie. They’re basi­cal­ly just nylon straps rein­forced with hypalon to pro­tect the web­bing from sharp edges. Buy­er Brett Cas­sidy and I took their ultra­light snow­board and ski car­ry­ing sys­tems up to Mt. Hood to see how this good idea worked on the moun­tain. Here’s what we found.

Brett Cas­sidy: Ultra­light Ski Car­ry System

Pack­a­bil­i­ty – The best thing about Function’s Ultra­light Ski Car­ry Sys­tem is that you photo (2)can store it in your jack­et pock­et, and com­plete­ly for­get that it’s there until you need it. I skied groomers with mine stashed in a pock­et all morn­ing, and then took it out when it was time to do some inbounds boot­pack­ing. The packed sys­tem takes up no space at all, and the tyvek pouch seems real­ly durable.

Pur­pose-Built – This is a tru­ly stripped-down sys­tem that does one thing and does it well: it car­ries your skis. With a lack of super­flu­ous fea­tures, the ski car­ry sys­tem is sim­ple and easy to use. A lot of gear on the mar­ket these days is over-engi­neered, but does not solve a real prob­lem. This is not that gear – it is pur­pose-built for seri­ous skiers who like to explore the fringes of inbound ter­rain, and it’s very easy to use. It’s even great for car­ry­ing your skis to the lift from the back of a deep park­ing lot.

Design – You can tell the guys at Func­tion geek out on good design. From the print­ed instruc­tions inside the pouch, to the mag­net­ic clo­sure, to the bright­ly col­ored tyvek (mine match­es my orange Patag­o­nia ski bibs – BONUS!) and col­or cod­ed buck­les each design detail is thought­ful and thor­ough. This is func­tion­al gear, ele­vat­ed through great design.

Tim Gib­bins: Ultra­light Snow­board Car­ry System

photoUsabil­i­ty: I didn’t watch the instruc­tion­al video on how to use it prop­er­ly because I want­ed to see how easy it was to fig­ure out. Even with the straps flap­ping in a strong wind, it made imme­di­ate sense. The one col­or­ful Func­tion logo on one of the back­pack straps let me know which way was up, and after that I was gold­en. It’s a super intu­itive light­weight system.

How it felt: When back­coun­try rid­ing I’ve always used a photo (3)back­pack. I was real­ly impressed by how much lighter the board felt when it’s snugged flush against my back instead of on the out­side of a back­pack. Also, with it being tight to my back, the board didn’t catch much wind. It was the most secure feel­ing car­ry­ing sys­tem I’ve ever used.

Best use: This is a side coun­try dream. I kept the sys­tem in my jack­et pock­et all day long and nev­er once noticed it. Then once we decid­ed to hike, we strapped in and were ready to go.


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