Happy Birthday Ed Abbey!

Today, Jan­u­ary 29th, is the birth­day of the Amer­i­can Southwest’s infa­mous nat­u­ral­ist author, Ed Abbey.

If you haven’t encoun­tered Abbey’s noto­ri­ous­ly good-natured yet can­tan­ker­ous ways through his famous books Desert Soli­taire and The Mon­key Wrench Gang, then this video is the per­fect intro­duc­tion to his wry sense of humor.

If you are famil­iar with Abbey, but have nev­er seen or heard him before then this video brings new life to the page of his writ­ten words.

Check it out as Abbey gives a con­vert­ible-led tour through his old Park Ranger haunts in his beloved Arch­es Nation­al Park, just out­side of Moab, Utah.