Burton Brings Snowboarding to the Gym Class

Kinder­garten­ers at Allen Brook Ele­men­tary in Burling­ton, Ver­mont were treat­ed to a spe­cial kind of gym class, cour­tesy of Bur­ton Snow­boards. For­get dodge­ball– this pro­gram was designed to teach kids the basics of snow­board­ing, and to get them stoked on the sport.

From grab mats to bal­ance boards to Riglet Boards and Riglet Reels, the activ­i­ties intro­duced kids to the basics of snow­board­ing. Every­thing takes place inside the clas­sic ele­men­tary school gym­na­si­um, but the kids don’t seem to mind. “Just imag­ine how fun it would be on snow,” says pro-snow­board­er Kel­ly Clark.

Late­ly, mur­murs with­in the indus­try sug­gest that the pop­u­lar­i­ty of snow­board­ing is wan­ing. How often do you see lit­tle grom­mets on a snow­board­ed, ver­sus those plod­ding along on skis? The best way to get kids excit­ed about snow­board­ing is sim­ply to intro­duce them to the sport. It looks like Bur­ton just might be on to something.