What it’s Like to be the Best in Your Sport

At the ripe age of 20, Mark McMor­ris is arguably the best slopestyle snow­board­er in the world. With two X Games Slopestyle golds and a record-set­ting 98.0 score in the 2013 X Games (not to men­tion his own MTV real­i­ty show), McMor­ris is at the top of his game despite frac­tur­ing a rib dur­ing Sat­ur­day’s X Games.

As this video demon­strates, Mark McMor­ris is a snow­board­er’s snow­board­er. His feet remain plant­ed firm­ly on the ground (except when he’s doing a triple cork), he pro­gress­es the sport, and he’s still hum­bled by the fact that he’ll be com­pet­ing in the 2014 Win­ter Olympics.

This video is part of the Cana­di­an Olympic Team’s #WeAreWin­ter video series, which takes view­ers behind the scenes at what it’s like to be an aspir­ing Olympian: the train­ing, the jit­ters, the excite­ment. As McMor­ris says, the Olympics is a com­pe­ti­tion like no oth­er. Any­thing can happen!