Lost and Found GoPro Leads to an Epic Day in the Park

The Won­der Reels has done it again: this time they bring us the sto­ry of a stray GoPro found in the Whistler Black­comb Nin­ten­do Ter­rain Park. Before return­ing it to the lost and found, the crew that found it—they just hap­pens to be a group of the most tal­ent­ed ath­letes in town– decides to have a lit­tle fun.

The sto­ry­line is cute, but what’s real­ly impres­sive is the way that this short video shows us the ver­sa­til­i­ty of the per­son­al cam­era. We’ve all seen a lot of shaky GoPro footage, but “The Hand Off — A GoPro sto­ry” takes us down the rab­bit hole of what can be done with a sim­ple lit­tle cam­era. It’s no sur­prise that the video is pro­duced by the guys at Switch­Back Enter­tain­ment, who are infa­mous for the way they con­stant­ly seek out new and inno­v­a­tive tech­niques to show­case ski­ing and snowboarding.

Once you get over the incred­i­ble cam­era work, the stoke will start to sink in. Footage of a group of friends hav­ing a great time on the most per­fect of blue­bird days would have you wish­ing you were right along with them—oh, and that you had the skills to go with it, too.