Into The Mind of Mountains

The folks at Sher­pas Cin­e­ma are mak­ing art out of moun­tain sport films. Their lat­est is Into the Mind. It’s equal parts action sports film as it is visu­al poet­ry. Take the sequence that begins at 2:35 as an exam­ple. The time lapse of a moun­tain­side catch­es a ski­er as he appears to ride an avalanche of win­ter over­tak­ing sum­mer as he bombs down the run. The med­i­ta­tive theme that weaves through­out the film adds an emo­tion­al depth to the extreme risk that these ath­letes expose them­selves to. Why do they do it?  Is it for the glo­ry, the ego, and the thrill, or is it for some­thing else? This film plunges into the heart of the ques­tion as to why we head into the mountains.