You Need to Ski in Alaska at Least Once in Your Life

Red Bull Media House and MSP Films have pro­vid­ed the ulti­mate teas­er for their upcom­ing ski film, “Days of My Youth”—and it’ll have you book­ing your plane tick­et to Alas­ka in no time.

French ski­er Richard Per­min is the lucky rid­er who gets to ski end­less pow­der on a per­fect­ly blue­bird day, and there’s no doubt that he takes advan­tage of the sit­u­a­tion. Tack­ling the trick­i­est spines and pun­ish­ing­ly steep ter­rain, you’ll be left won­der­ing if this guy ever turns.

Alas­ka is noto­ri­ous for its fick­le weath­er and unpre­dictable con­di­tions, but films like this remind us that when the stars DO even­tu­al­ly align, it’s noth­ing short of magic.