Nike & adidas Go Huge With New Snowboard Films

If you ever doubt­ed whether Nike or adi­das would become a force in the snow­board world, now’s the time to eat your doubt. The two mega-brands each have new snow­board films this fall, and it’s obvi­ous they’re pump­ing mon­ey into mak­ing the dopest films possible.

Nike’s film is called Nev­er Not. It’s a three act video series that delves into the mind­set of dif­fer­ent rid­ers dis­ci­plines. Act 1: Adap­ta­tion, fea­tures street rid­ers. Act 2: Ambi­tion, fea­tures con­test rid­ers. Act 3: Explo­ration, show­cas­es big-moun­tain rid­ers. Each act has enough gawk wor­thy footage, but it also has an intrigu­ing angle of try­ing to fig­ure out what makes these rid­ers tick.

The adi­das film, Nat­u­ral­ly, is sick. Beau­ti­ful cin­e­matog­ra­phy is cou­pled with über tal­ent­ed rid­ers. It’s an art­ful look at some of the most inspi­ra­tional mon­do airs, big-moun­tain lines, and unre­al ter­rain. It doesn’t make you piss your pants and cow­er in fear though. Fun dom­i­nates as the rider’s goal, and direc­tor Jake Blau­velt does a great job cap­tur­ing the spir­it of the sport.

Both films ush­er in a new age in snow­board­ing; an age where the biggest brands in the world have become some of the most authen­tic arbiters of the sport.