Patagonian Expedition Race in Full Steam

Dubbed one of the “tough­est race on the plan­et,” the Patag­on­ian Expe­di­tion Race takes rac­ers through moun­tains, fjords, glac­i­ers, and ice fields through Chilean Patag­o­nia. Con­sid­er­ing that only half of the 20 teams that enter, end up fin­ish­ing, it’s a sur­prise at how many teams eek out of this thing alive.

The course requires par­tic­i­pants to bike, trek, and kayak through 400+ miles of one of the last pris­tine places on earth. Our ques­tion is, if it’s that beau­ti­ful, why did the oth­er teams drop out when they could have eas­i­ly just mosied through the rest of the race?

This video shows the Yoga Slack­ers train­ing in the US for con­di­tions they’re prob­a­bly fac­ing right now in South Amer­i­ca. Stay updat­ed on their progress, as well as oth­ers, on the Patag­on­ian Expe­di­tion Race’s Face­book Page.