Salomon Freeski TV Brings Skiing to BC’s Ghost Towns

Pan­ning for white gold– it’s what Kier­an Niku­la, Josh Daiek, and Mike Hen­i­tiuk are doing in Salomon’s lat­est install­ment, set in the ghost towns of British Columbia.

A cen­tu­ry and a half ago, the promise of gold brought busi­ness, mon­ey and action to set­tle­ments in British Colum­bia, Cana­da. Once the gold was gone, so were the peo­ple– but they left behind entire towns, which have sat eeri­ly emp­ty ever since.

It just so hap­pens that these aban­doned towns make the per­fect back­drop for Salomon Frees­ki TV’s lat­est video, fea­tur­ing skiers Kier­an, Josh and Mike as they explore every snow-cov­ered nook and cran­ny. Need­less to say, there are no lift lines here.