How Do You Say “Bottomless Powder” in Japanese?

It’s no secret that if you hap­pen to be a fan of end­less snow, pow­dery pil­lows and face-shot after face-shot, Japan is the place to be. Those of us whose pass­ports are sad­ly col­lect­ing dust can live vic­ar­i­ous­ly through Nor­weigan snow­board­er Andreas Wiig’s lat­est trip to Japan, dur­ing which pro snow­board­er Yuta Watan­abe shows him the ropes.

Andreas was big on the X Games scene in the mid 2000s, but these days, he prefers to spend his time freerid­ing the world’s best ter­rain. This video, “A Day Out”, is the result of his quest to find the best pow­der out there. When Yuta Watan­abe stat­ed that he had nev­er expe­ri­enced bad snow in Japan—well, the trip pret­ty well planned itself.

This short fea­tures clips from sev­er­al of Japan’s best snow­board spots: Asahi­dake, Fura­no, and Tokachi­dake, to name a few. Wiig and Watan­abe expe­ri­enced day after day of fresh snow (think “free refills”), and were treat­ed with a rare blue­bird day on the final day of film­ing. Time to start plan­ning the trip of a life­time to Japan, methinks.