The Steepest Skiing and Snowboard Video You’ve Ever Seen

Thanks to Xavier de Le Rue and Sam Anthamat­ten, it now appears that lit­er­al­ly any snowy sur­face– even those that are seem­ing­ly per­fect­ly ver­ti­cal and just about impos­si­ble to access– can be shred­ded on skis or a snowboard.

The fact that these guys can look at moun­tain faces like this and imag­ine them­selves glid­ing down it is insane– and the fact that they actu­al­ly do it is even crazier.

This trail­er for the aplty named “Mis­sion Steeps” fea­tures indef­i­nite no-fall zones, crag­gly moun­tain ter­rain, and ice climb­ing that will have your heart in your throat. This series is def­i­nite­ly not for the faint of heart!