The Iceman Wim Hof

There are many peo­ple in the world with spe­cial tal­ents but this has to be cov­et­ed among the adven­ture com­mu­ni­ty. Imag­ine bik­ing to the south pole with no shirt on, solo­ing Eiger naked, or even, swim­ming among glac­i­ers (oh wait, that just happened).

Wim Hof is able to shut off the cold sen­sa­tion in his mind. He’s baf­fled sci­en­tists for years at his abil­i­ty to stay warm. In one case, while sit­ting on a block of ice in sub zero temps, he is quot­ed say­ing, “Is it hot out here or is it me?”

Yes, Wim Hof, it is not hot out there — it is indeed, you.