Tramp, Skate, and Destroy

Tram­po­lines don’t usu­al­ly mix well with skate­boards. Unless, of course, you’re Scott Stevens, where “tramp­skat­ing” is as nat­ur­al as rid­ing a bike… and maybe a lit­tle more fun.

Scott Stevens, Change That, and suzygreenberg270 team up in the film­ing and post­ing of this series of wicked tramp­skat­ing videos appro­pri­ate­ly called “tramp­skate­and­de­stroy”; all fea­tur­ing impres­sive footage of this abstract com­bi­na­tion of good times.

Watch it and see if you don’t think twice about tak­ing the trucks off your skate­board next time you pass a trampoline.

writ­ten by Alec Ross