Ueli Steck Takes Climbing to a New Level

For Ueli Steck, the sky real­ly is the lim­it. With no expe­ri­ence in paraglid­ing, Steck chose paraglid­ing as his trans­porta­tion of choice while in the Swiss Alps. Paraglid­ing allowed Steck to climb three peaks in one day. Prob­lem is, Steck still need­ed to learn how to paraglide.

Watch this video to see Steck race up three peaks, and, not as quick­ly, learn how to mas­ter the art of paraglid­ing. Steck seems to enjoy him­self through­out each adven­ture, so feel free to enjoy not only Steck­’s high points, but also his learn­ing moments.

[Via: BigUp­Pro­duc­tions]