Viral Avalanche Video Aimed to Advise Backcountry Skiers

They say that a wise man learns from his own mis­takes, but a rich man learns from the mis­takes of oth­ers. In this case, let’s say that the liv­ing man learns from the mis­takes of others.

This video was released a few days ago and has been going viral in the ski world. Yes the man sur­vives and yes, he is the per­son who post­ed the video. Despite know­ing that he could poten­tial­ly be ostra­cized as being reck­less and igno­rant, he want­ed to share the video so that view­ers could have first­hand footage at the pow­er of the mountain.

“I know that our par­ty, the par­ty involved in the Decem­ber 29th inci­dent on Echo Peak, made numer­ous mis­takes. I chose to make the hel­met cam video avail­able to Sier­ra Avalanche Cen­ter so that oth­ers could learn from our mis­takes and not repeat them. As the leader of the par­ty, I take full cred­it for all of the mis­takes and want to doc­u­ment what I’ve learned from them.”

To read the rest of the avalanche report, check out Sier­ra Avalanche Cen­ter.