We Can’t Stop Watching This Spectacular Video of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This beau­ti­ful short takes you on a jour­ney through Great Smoky Moun­tains Nation­al Park. It’s the sec­ond install­ment in a series by More Than Just Parks project, which was found­ed in an effort to “effect a greater aware­ness of the trea­sures that reside with­in Amer­i­ca’s Nation­al Parks.” 

With luck (and a lit­tle fund­ing) More Than Just Parks will give their stun­ning video treat­ment to all 59 nation­al parks. If you like what they’re doing, tell film­mak­ers about it at morethanjustparks@gmail.com or pop over to their web­site and kick the team a small dona­tion to help keep the project going.