White Noise by Time Line Films (Full Movie)

Xavier de la Rue is known by his peers as one of the best all moun­tain rid­ers of all time. Time Line Films gets a peek into his mind to see what dri­ves him to push the bound­aries, par­tic­u­lar­ly in his strug­gle to accept the risks of his career despite want­i­ng to be a respon­si­ble father to his 6 year old daughter.

This is the life­long dilem­ma of any adven­tur­er. There are risks in every­thing we do — whether it be cycling to work, bomb­ing it in the back coun­try, or sit­ting in front of a screen and let­ting the soul die slow­ly. The ques­tion is not how much risk are we will­ing to take, but instead, what are the con­se­quences of play­ing it safe. While some fear the risks of going out­side, chances are, if you’re read­ing this, you know that the greater risk is stay­ing inside and not living.