The World’s First BASE Jumping Dog Leaps Off The Eiger

Dean Pot­ter is the undis­put­ed king of extreme sports. He’s always push­ing the lim­its. From BASE-jump­ing to free solo­ing to high­lin­ing, Potter’s exploits have always brought awe, admi­ra­tion, and con­tro­ver­sy. As of late, Pot­ter has been lead­ing the wing­suit rev­o­lu­tion by com­plet­ing some of the most dar­ing flights in human history.

In this film, Pot­ter straps his Aus­tralian shep­herd, Whis­per, to his back for a wing­suit flight from the Eiger, Switzer­land. They com­plete the flight safe­ly, but as usu­al, Pot­ter stirs the pot and makes folks uncom­fort­able with the lim­its he’s pushing.